Thursday, May 23, 2013

Electric Mirage Publishing Co. Announces the Release Transplanting Hope


Electric Mirage Publishing Co. ( is proud to announce the debut literary fiction novel from Jessica D. Lovett, Transplanting Hope.  The paperback and Kindle eBook editions currently available from the author’s website at and from, Barnes and Noble, and other fine booksellers

Book Summary - An aspiring mystery writer mines his world for greater meaning, and perhaps a soul mate along the way. A kind-hearted chemical engineer casts a cold eye on his disappointing marriage. A stunning journalist conceals her surprising shyness through her well-chosen words. Transplanting Hope, the debut work of fiction by Jessica D. Lovett charts the sometimes hapless, sometimes hopeful lives of divergent individuals whose paths cross in the heat of a corporate cover up, and whose connections help each of them heal past wounds and find inroads to heartening new horizons.  With craft and compassion, this absorbing novel will engage readers who seek out subtly wrought character-driven stories with evocative detail.

Born with a silver spoon, the happy-go-lucky novelist Simon Kincade has had the luxury of dabbling in mysteries with his poison pen, while living in considerable comfort. His best friend from college, Dr. George Morris, faces an altogether different reality each day. His job at the pharmaceutical company Chemi-Life is proving complex, and his marriage to the shopaholic Emily has long since soured. Simultaneously, Times reporter Madeline Bryson learns her job is on the line. Her hunt for a job-saving story entwines all of them in a sinister swirl that exposes far more than any of them had bargained for.  As old secrets are unearthed and new allegiances are fused, Transplanting Hope offers a richly drawn, suspenseful foray into three lives, and how feelings, failings, hearts, and hopes can be transformed by chance meetings and redemptive twists of fate.

Author Bio - Jessica D. Lovett is an author and avid reader, who has long been passionate about writing books for both adults and children.  She holds a master’s degree in humanities with an emphasis in creative writing from Tiffin University and a bachelor of arts degree in literature from Howard Payne University.  Currently, the author and her husband are building a fledgling homestead with their two young children, which hosts a gigantic white dog, a growing flock of Easter Egg chickens, and a chicken-herding cat.